Its not about the product, its about the impact:

How many competitors before you become discouraged to open a business in a certain market? When Kadi Energy entered the solar charging market, it had fifty one thousand two hundred and eighty five**. What made us think we could win, and why is it gaining all of the traction that it has in Western Africa? Better product? Yes, we have the most efficient solar powered mobile charger in our market. Better team? Yes, the best in the world.

But fifty one thousand two hundred and eighty five competitors – why bother? We are on a mission. We are a team of entrepreneurs who determined to spread the joy of owning our own business. We give Kadi products to local African entrepreneurs to open their own businesses. We train, manage, and incentivize, but allow our local African business leaders to implement any unique and creative marketing and sales strategy they see fit. This model has worked wonders for the tribal Ghanian market that has unique differences in each village that our competitors failed to identify and thus failed to thrive. All while spreading a products that brings families much needed energy and financial breaks*.

We believe that talent exists in Africa, but lack the opportunity. That opportunity is finally here with Kadi Energy. Help us fuel Africa’s economy.

Please join us in our Indiegogo fundraising campaign at, and help us spread the word to family and friends about 2 of the main sources of life: jobs and energy.

Sincerely yours, Usaama and The Kadi Team

*Brief financial overview: To charge one mobile phone in Ghana typically costs 50 U.S. cents in electricity. Kadi’s Ray 20 has 4 outlets and costs 40 dollars per unit. In a typical family of 4, they would break even in 20 days, a saving of 730 U.S. dollars per year, making us one of the most affordable and sought after products on the West African market.

**figure based on solar chargers on