Welcome to Kadi EnergyRay 20

In the next decade, Sub-Saharan Africa is predicted to be the fastest growing region globally for mobile phone subscriptions. Cell phones are increasingly being used to meet significant social, health, and business needs. However, of Ghana’s 16 million mobile phone users, over 40 percent live without access to electricity. Where energy options do exist, many find costs prohibitive. As the mobile phone industry continues to broaden its service, the demand for electricity to charge phones and small portable electrical devices further outstrips supply.
Kadi enters the Ghanaian market with the Ray product line. Ray line products are incredibly versatile, with the ability to charge not only mobile phones, but iPods, tablets, cameras, and any digital devices powered with USB. Our featured product, the Ray20, has two built-in 10,000 mAh, rechargeable Li-ion batteries. After twelve hours in the sun, the product can charge 14 phones before needing a panel recharge (based on iPhone4). The Ray20 offers this impressive battery power at a significantly lower price than most comparison products in Ghana.